Cruis Renki'Ul Olekos Randen (Cruor)
Born 2440 (Mutan) as a Mutani

2453 (Mutan) as kandlian

Died Still lives
Race Kandlia
Gender Male?
Hair -
Eyes white
Faction Tenta The Shunned Couriers
Occupation Mutani Food Service 2452-2453

Kandlian Courier 2453-

Faction History MutanFlag Mutan Independent State 2440-2453

GKS Great Kandlian Swarm 2453-2507

HKswarm Harkoff's Swarm 2507-2511

Infinity Infinity Swarm 2511-2519

Tenta The Shunned Couriers

Born as a Mutan civilian, Cruor was a worker for a restaurant on Mutan at the beginning of his adult life, he was corrupted after the Invasion of Mutan, his latent psychic powers led him into becoming a Courier. Cruor fought with the Swarm as leader of the Lance Swarm. His swarm was defeated for the first time at New Antieta by Alpha Squadron.

His Swarm was left intact after the Invasion of Borelecava. He later was rescued by Harkoff and joined his Swarm.

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