Cutlass Swarm
Founded -
Defunct 2506
Race Kandlia
Denonym -
Population 10,000
Leader Courier: Razar
Secondary lead -
Head of State Courier
Currency -
Official Language -
Formed from -
Strength 10,000
Founding Document -
Preceded By -
Alliance Great Kandlian Swarm
Location Kandlios
Capitol Kandlios
Now Part of {{{Now Part of}}}

The Cutlass Swarm was a sub swarm led by Courier: Razar that was specialized in espionage and deception, they were the second Swarm to enter the Sapphirian Sector and were responsible for Wertias Opop's death and corruption.the Smaller swarm following their rout at Kanderarch successfully duped the Praetorian Kingdom of Mar into bringing their army into a trap in the Parea Tar pits, killing the entire army. the Cutlass Swarm remained behind on Insector VI until the Praetorian Armies led by King: Anatoli slayed Gladius Swarm Courier: Lutarez which led to the enemies of the Kandlia discoverying their key weakness. 

The Cutlass Swarm had taken a position on Cult's Island and attempted to prevent the Viserak forces from assisting King: Anatoli, the Viserak using Kraytaelai and Univor assassins killed Courier: Razar, the Swarm fell to pieces and was destroyed , the other two swarms besieging the Preatorians were also wiped out.

The eradication of the Gladius, Cutlass, Hammer and Estoc swarms was a portent for the fall of the 130,000 year long existance of the Great Kandlian Swarm.

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