Danyule Klighton
Born September 3, 2481
Died -
Race Viserak
Gender Carrier (Third Gender for Viserak)
Hair -
Eyes Gold
Faction Fulsoff Fulsoff Republic
Occupation Beam Captain of Fleet 987
Faction History Fulsoff Fulsoff Republic 2481-2501

UCL UCL 2501-2503

AVS AVS 2503-2514

Fulsoff Fulsoff 2514-?

Danyule Klighton is a Fulsoff born Viserak warrior who served during the Zarnian Invasion of Fulsoff in 2501 during that conflict he witnessed the deaths of his family and his squad by Zarnian Combat walkers, his city was destroyed as well, however months into the War the UTSEA and AVS sent forces to assist the Fulsoff Republic, their assistance destroyed the old leadership of the Zarnians. 

Danyule Klighton, having seen AVS Beam Captain Gerard Tygore he joins him and the UCL and participates in the Sector Wars but returns home in 2514 as a decorated officer becoming commander of the Fulsoff defense fleets.

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