DarkStar Conglomerate
Founded July 5, 2411
Defunct -
Race Terran, Viserak, Natogytt
Denonym DarkStar
Population 7,000,000,000
Leader Conglomerate Council
Secondary lead Lower Council
Head of State Conglomerate Council
Currency Credits
Official Language English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Arabcic
Formed from 59 banned corporations from planet Earth
Strength Flashpoint (Military Contractor)

Le' Cannonier (Defense contractor)

Del Barrosrov (Military Contractor)

Founding Document The Byzanth agreement
Preceded By 59 Various companies
Alliance Centerpoint Alliance
Location Solarian Sector
Capitol Actolli, Byzanth
Now Part of {{{Now Part of}}}

The DarkStar Conglomerate is a Terran faction formed by 59 Earth based companies after they had been banned by the UTSEA for different reasons.

They are in a hyper-capitalist society where money is power, they went  to war with the Mayana, but ultimately lost due to UTSEA intervention.

They along with the TEC were partially responsible for the creation of the Draliskan Empire.

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