Doran Nazuth
Born March 17, 2420
Died Doran Nazuth still lives
Race Viserak
Gender Male
Hair -
Eyes Blue
Faction 338th AVS (338th Fleet)
Occupation AVS Beam Captain
Faction History AVS AVS 2420-Present

Doran Nazuth is a Viserak Beam Captain and leader of the 338th fleet, he now patrols the skies of Adairis .


Sector Wars

Doran Nazuth was the Third Viserak officer to enter the Sector, He laid siege to Capricon with Gerard Tygore and Raark Spherianus . His fleet wiped out the whole of Yeliroh Squadron, but was eventually defeated at Correlecon on Capricon.

Doran Nazuth was arrested for his failure he was charged for 3 years but served only a month before he was let off and allowed to rejoin the military.


Doran Nazuth fought against the Josminians on Adairis and eventually helped the allies defeat Loreko . He then decided to continue patrolling the skies hoping to prevent any further conflicts on Adairis.

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