Drake Liska / Kasil Kedra
Born July 22, 1990
Died -
Race Terran
Gender Male
Hair Any, Shapeshifter (Originally black)
Eyes Any, Shapeshifter (Originally blue)
Nickname {{{Nickname}}}
Faction LiskanFlag Sapphire Democracy Party
Spouse {{{Spouse}}}
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Occupation History {{{Occupation}}}
Faction History United States of America 1990-2014

League of Neutral Powers 2014-2016

Draco's Dragons 2016-2019

SkyTech 2019-2020

Draco's Dragons 2020-2040

Blue Sector 2040-2045

The Exiled 2045-2066

Human Alliance 2066-2074

Anti-Unionists 2074-2222

Sapphire Democratic Party 2222-?

War History {{{Wars}}}

Drake Liska also known as "Kasil Kedra" is a powerful psionic nearly equal to Matt Tygore in raw strength and will. his abilities have allowed him like Tygore to survive longer than normal human beings, unlike Tygore however he has the unique ability to change his genetic code within hours turning into any human being he wishes or needs to be to fulfill his goal of killing his former friend Matt Tygore and restoring a democratic government to humanity.

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