Draliskan Empire
Founded May 2, 2517
Defunct Still active
Race Kandlian
Denonym Draliskan
Population 1,000,000,000
Leader Emperor: Draliska I
Secondary lead -
Head of State Emperor
Currency -
Official Language English, Kandlian Telepathy
Formed from Draliskan Swarm
Strength Draliskan Navy

Draliskan Ground forces

Founding Document -
Preceded By Dragon Swarm Dragon Swarm
Alliance Centerpoint
Location Tyyrian, Sapphirian, Emeraldii and Antares Sectors
Capitol The Organic Kingdom, Kandlios
Now Part of {{{Now Part of}}}

The Draliskan Empire is a new type of Kandlian faction modeled vaguely after the UTSEA by the "son" of Matt Tygore , Draliska, it currently controlls 42 worlds across four sectors.

The Draliskan Empire was formed after the defeat of the Darkstar Conglomerate on Kandlios , it would later destroy the Infinity Swarm and break the Arcmind into it's component entities, the Empire eventually moved it's forces from Tygotan to Kandlios.

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