Vital statistics
Type Terrestrial, 1 moon: Luna
Climate Earth-like (the basis for which other worlds are judged)

6 Continents:

North America

South America





Sector Solarian
System Sol, 3rd Position of 8
Natives Humans
Discovered -
Discoverer -
Existent Yes
Faction History Jinyuhudani Jinyuhudani Syndicate ?-?(based on ancient weapons found on Earth)

NewHAE High Antarctic Empire ?-98,000 BCE (Based on an entire abandoned underground city in Mawson Antarctica)

RavagerCrest Ravager Shinghan Troop 98-000-? (Estimated ten years)

Imperium2 Psion Imperium ?-10.050 BCE (based on Psion Imperium data kept by the Psion Order)

UnionCrest United Terran States of Earth 2039-2050

UTSEA Flag United Terran Systems 2050-2209

UTSEA United Terran Systems from Earth to Antarctos 2209-?

Earth is the birthplace of humanity and the capitol of the UTSEA, it is one of the UTSEA's 22 core worlds and is the most populous of them all. Earth's climate has shifted since 21st century to a far colder climate due to climate change, Nuclear winter and the Flash freezing campaigns directed by Kaiser: Matt Tygore in the earliest days of his leadership.

History Edit

Estimated Jinyuhudani presence Edit

The First Human Empire Edit

Fall of the High Antarctic Empire Edit

End of the Ravager Crisis Edit

Human Reconstruction Edit

World War III Edit

Rise of Matt Tygore Edit

The Antarctic Republic Edit

Planetary Civil War Edit

Vramese Invasion, The Third Solarian Great War Edit

Natogytt Glassing Campaign Edit

Core of the UTSEA Edit

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