Elite Psi Squadron
Psi Flag
Founded 2390
Defunct Still active
Race Natogytt
Denonym Scyokal
Population 255,000 Troops
Leader Kal: Kenenaes Hartaes (Formerly)

Kal: Leo Taigo (Formerly

Kal: Kelrein Yarcazi

Secondary lead Spitter Taiferrian
Alliance United Sapphirian Republics
Location Sapphirian Sector
Capitol Based in Klorus

 Psi Squadron is a USR fleet created after the disasterous Great Sapphirian War.

Faction HistoryEdit

initially controlled by the Kal Nedis, Kal Nedis Khalian Enderzich in 2429 during the Tech wars, used officers to control their squadrons instead, the original was Kal: Ric'elu Bortanis. They along with Sigma Squadron were made specifically for Covert operations and highly classified tactics. Later when the Young Kenenaes Hartaes took over, his approval rating startied rather low due to being a new player in the Shrine wars, but his reception warmed over time, following his sacrifice he became in intersectorial hero,  Leo Taigo had been in control in 2489 after Hartaes became a solo agent, after the Taigo reformation of 2492, it passed again.

This faction saw little action during the Sector Wars.