Emeraldii Economic Union
Founded September 12, 2514
Defunct -
Race Viserak, Terran, Natogytt, Lorian, Kandlian, Kraetaelai, Tydoran, Praetorian, Clopredian, Wolfenzi, Sharinigan, Meshaki, 259 others
Denonym -
Population 195,000,390,000
Leader Premaris: Sorte Sorte
Secondary lead -
Head of State Premaris
Currency Emeraldii Credits
Official Language Spherian, English, Shirian, 25720 others
Formed from AVS-FTS trade Union
Strength -
Founding Document The Gateway to Prosperity
Preceded By UCL United Captain's League
Alliance -
Location Emeraldii Sector
Capitol Ven Telaron, Borales
Now Part of {{{Now Part of}}}
Name Join Date Capitol
AVSAVS September 12, 2514 Northsphere
Aegio Aegio-Copatia September 12, 2514 Belai/Zendune
Knight Clopred Kingdoms March 1, 2514 Nightart
Univor Darkivor Protectorate  March 1, 2519 Azenari
DemitrosF Demitros September 12, 2514 Demitrosone
BoralesFlag District of Borales September 12, 2514 Ven Telaron
Draliskan Draliskan Empire  January 11, 2530 Kandlios
FTSF FTS September 12, 2514 Vailentz District
HydronF  Hydron September 13, 2514 Hastatti
InfernoxFlag Infernox September 19, 2518 Valtanis Fort
KupariaF Kuparia September 12, 2514 Nukaperri City
KyleriaF Kyleria September 12, 2514 Arcsatatus
Lore Lorian Empire September 12, 2514 Sixam
MeshakiE Meshaki Chryshiela March 15, 2522 Daisherone
MyrierFlag Myrier  September 12, 2514 Jefinov
Insector Praetorian Kingdoms March 8, 2516 Anatoly
Shar Sharinigan Tribes July 3, 2515 Chrysalvio City
TribbianFlag Shenlagh Tribe  July 3, 2515 Humara City
TygoreFlagSolion July 15,  2519 Gerardov
SilverFlag UTSSC March 19, 2527 Dunhurst
Univor Univorpal November 1, 2529 Carnivonne
Wolf Wolfenzi Star Empire November 1, 2529 Algon
Wub2 Wubellian Republic December 31, 2530 Vunderbal

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