Empire of Shrine
Founded December 13, 4591 BCE
Defunct April 28, 3673 BCE
Race Natogytt
Denonym Shrinen
Population 194,000,000,000
Leader Alekcliel Zek
Secondary lead Wie Tulo
Head of State Kal Nedisorp
Currency Minsks
Official Language Shirian
Formed from Los Borales and SSC
Strength 36, 100,000 strong Squadrons
Founding Document The Imperial directorate
Preceded By SConfederacy Shirier Shrinen's Confederacy

LosBorales Los Borales

Alliance -
Location Sapphirian Sector
Capitol Saffron, Shrine
Now Part of {{{Now Part of}}}

The Empire of Shrine was a heavily militaristic and aggrressive empire, having betrayed their allies the conquered nearly all of the Sapphirian Sector, before coming into conflict with the Tygotan Empire, this time however the Empire of Shrine lost and was weakened, after fighting thousands of wars in it's exstensive history it was slowly destroyed by a Wubbellian Invasion, a Krovan-Psion Imperium alliance and eventually thousands of independence movements, still as planets began to fall away from their grasp, they held control of Shrine for an entire century before losing it to the Boreluzian Empire.

The Boraluzian's eventualy lost control and Shrine was captured by Shrinen rebels.

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