SeriesStar Adairis, Episode 5
Faction Gerard Tygore's Forces
Characters Gerard Tygore, Visorollo Kasen, Noemi Cerda, Roen Maardin, Ionus Maardin
Episode guide
The Civil Conflict Viserak Campaign.

The Viserak warped to Hyron I after their defeat on Borelecava , Gerard Tygore linked up with Visorollo Kasen and made camp. However, Hyron I was owned by the Boreluzians, the Boreluzians struck first and destroyed Tygore's Forces, as the allies jumped to Hyron II and Hyron III the story was much the same after a year of planet jumping Tygore's forces dwindled to almost nothing,  March 9th 2508

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