SeriesStar Adairis, Episode 6
Faction Axis of Freedom
Characters Noemi Cerda, Matt McClellan, Mark Calrissio, Visorollo Kasen, Anderson Tylon, Joseph Carlan
Episode guide
The Civil Conflict Terran campaign.

After eradication of Loreko and the brainwashing of the Zealots gone, the New Coalition dissolves, and it's members once again concentrate on personal matters.With the disappearance of Gerard Tygore and Roen Maardin, still fresh on Viserak minds, thoughts of a continued war effort vanished and a new era of peace reigned over. Ionus Maardin, brother of Roen became the new Viserak Premaris and began the reconsruction of Adairin Cities. The Natogytts returned home to the Sapphirian sector and were lauded as heroes upon their arrival, with the viserak having left the sector, and the Kandlians under Kaiser's control, the Natogytts too had an era of peace. Patriarch Harkoff and his swarm, returned to the Kandlian homeworld to rebuild their devastated forces, his goals still in sight. With the death of the only unifying factor in the sector, The UTSEA continued their oppressive hold over Natogytt and Terran colonies, Noemi Cerda of the Axis of Freedom reignites the rebellion, however she faces a string of catastrophic failures, leading to her capture now she is on death row, and is to be executed within a few weeks

It is now 12/19/2509

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