Escape from Shrine
Spitter Taigo and Kaiser Matt Tygore escape from Shrine on the old, Shard of Kall
Vital statistics
Participants Arbiter's of Taigo

USR Remnant

Shrinen Civilian populations

Oya Conclave

Date September 9th 2605 - September 12th 2605
Location NTC-Shrine, Bolliolucci-Borelus
Result 42 Million Shrinen escape Shrine

96 Million more stranded at the starbeacon

The Escape

After the Allied forces were defeated upon their return to the Sapphirian sector.. Spitter Taigo and his remaining forces pulled returned to Shrine as Matt Tygore  retreated to Kandlia. Spitter Taigo upon returning to Shrine found destruction and chaos all across the world fighting through occupying Oya forces, Taigo and his forces stumbled upon the Shrinen Star Beacon , Taigo remembered that with the right frequency, he could alter the beacon to teleport Natogytts to Borelus , after rescuing millions of Shrinen civilians they made the trek to the star beacon (fighting Oya forces along the way) the massive group of Shrinen people arrived on Borelus, However Oya forces were entering Borelus as well, though he damned himself for what he had to do, Spitter Taigo and Blune Bairsen destroyed the Star beacon, while it prevented Oya forces from entering Borelus, it left many millions stranded on Shrine.

In the years during the Oya occupation various survivors who had been stranded joined an anti-Imperial rebel faction known as "The Lost sons"

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