PantherSquad Evin Martinez
Born September 27, 2493 (Planet Stratus)
Died -
Race Terran
Gender Male
Hair Dark Brown
Eyes Dark Brown
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Faction PantherSquad Panther Squad
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Faction History UTSEA UTSEA 2493-2506

PantherSquad Panther Squad 2506-?

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Evin Martinez is a young member of a group of rebels known as "Panther Squadron" his job is to smuggle out illegal materials from Frontier to the UTSEA's enemies.

History Edit

Battle over Frontier Edit

Evin Martinez lived with his family on Frontier, his adoptive homeworld and lived an uneventful childhood until the arrival of the Viserak a scouting fleet sent by Imperator: Visorollo Kasen. The fleet and the UTSEA engaged in orbital combat over frontier until the Viserak fleet was wiped out. Wreckage from the battle destroyed many towns and damaged the cities on the surface, including Evin Martinez' house.

His entire family was killed, yet he survived by virtue of being at school during the battle

Panther Squadron Edit

A Rebel group based on Frontier took advantage of the situation and rescued and impressed hundreds of people into their fold, most of these new recruits were displaced and had nowhere to go and due to the UTSEA fighting a total war against the Viserak and Kandlia there was little help for these citizens from the government.

Evin Martinez was one of their recruits, barely thirteen in age he was trained and tasked with smuggling materials to earn his keep.

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