Fall of Myst
Gerard and his Twenty man team travel through the empty roads of Myst
Vital statistics
Participants AVS


Kandlian Swarm

Date July 4th 2500 - July 19th 2501
Location Planet Myst
Result Eradication of the Mysten People

Purification of the planet

Gerard's depression

Fall of Myst

In 2501, Gerard Tygore and Task force C were returning to hub from a successful mission on Hydron, they picked up a strange distress signal from planet Myst in space, what they heard was disturbing, sounds of panic, screams and chaos blasted through their communicators, Gerard was allowed to assist, on planet-side, they found a heavily fogged and smog covered world, fire and death was everywhere.

Gerard and his team found a small pocket of life within the crumbled remains of some sort of capitol building, the mayor of the city told of a completely unexpected attack from the skies, they were attacked by the Kandlia.

Gerard and the team were told that they had to kill the corrupted civilians as the Kandlian swarm had already pulled out, the team killed thousands of "corrupted" civilians when they reported back to the mayor, he revealed himself to be a Kandlia by the name of "Razurus " the Kandlian swarm attacked from the fog and killed most of the team, as Gerard and 6 others made their escape Razurus continued to mock him on how he so easily tricked him into killing his own.

Gerard and two other captains escaped the planet, Gerard soon fell into a depression as AVS warps in to purify the planet, unbeknownst to them, Razurus had escaped. Gerard would stay depressed for the rest of the year.

The invasion


Mysten Fighters attack the asteroid.

Around midnight of July 4th of 2500 Mysten astronomers spotted a massive asteroid with Kandlia descending upon the planet, but were unable to inform the main Viserak gov as the Kandlians shut down communications, the Mysten military was wiped out in only seven hours, the remaining population was killed off for biomass, when Gerard arrived he was tricked into killing the last remaining civilians thus annihilating the population.



Allied forces fight the Kandlia

AVS and the UTSEA both knew they needed to purifty the planet to prevent any further issues, a joint effort began and both armies killed off the Kandlia on Myst by July 19th. Unfortunately the damage was done, only 157 people survived the attack, from which they were relocated to nearby Kyleria while Myst was quarantined.


This event was the first documented case of Kandlian stealth invasion, from which they will use frequently in the Sector wars. the planet has not recovered in years, and AVS continues to find ways to pacify the Kandlia without destroying them all. 

Though almost the entire population of Myst was lost, the species survived on nearby worlds, even now they seek to reclam their lost homeworld.