First Natogytt Civil War
Main Info
Date December 14, 5541 B.C.E - November 1, 5522 B.C.E
Place Sapphirian Sector
Result Colonial victory, TEC cedes all of it's Sapphirian possessions to the Colonies, Star Relicants and the Psion Imperium.
Major Battles Battle of Shrine

Battle of Tygotan II

Clash over the forbidden colony

Battle of West Borelus

Siege of Stratipoluka

Force 1
United Sapphirian Colonies

SConfederacyColony of Shrine

BZEColony of Borelus

TECColony of Tygotan II

SedonaFlagColony of Sedona

USCColony of Stratis

BZEColony of Kanderarch

USCColony of Aranso

USCColony of Castele

USCColony of Halacava

CaprilandColony of Capricon (later)

Star Relicants

CarsannianStar Relicanta of Carsannia

MetalStar Relicanta of Metallia

Imperium & Other allies

Imperium2 Psion Imperium

Partisan Third Partisan Kingdom

Imperial Axis
Force 2 TECTEC

Aeronia Star Relicanta of Aeronia

Imperium2 Psykon Rebellion

Force 3 -
Force 4 -
Leader 1 Nedisorp: Shirier Shrinen (USC)

King: Capriku I (Capricon)

Yuhue Yuan Sann (Psion Imperium)

Leader 2 Nedisorpo: Gorge Lacereon III
Leader 3 -
Leader 4 -
Army 1 USC Colonial Militia

Star Relicant Star Forces

Psion Imperial Navy

Capricon Militia

Army 2 TEC

Aeronian Star Force

Psykon Combat legions

Army 3 -
Army 4 -
Deaths 1 57 Million (Mostly civilians)
Deaths 2 26 Million
Deaths 3 -
Deaths 4 -
Previous Tyyrian War II
Next Val Bela'Tony's Rebellion (Val's Rebellion)
After Shirier Shrinen founded colonies on Shrine, he linked up with other Colonies, after the Tygotan Empire attempted to assert dominance over them, the 9 colonies rebelled.  After the Generation long "Natogytt Civil War" the Colonies then allied with the Psion Imperium and Star Relicant mercenaries pushed back the Tygotans, they eventually formed independent nations.

The Marcadians became an independent society after the treaty of NTC.


Colonial Expedition

Following the "Final Flare" of 6000 BCE that ended the life of the Star Kethrhydor and with it the resurfacing of planet Tygotan, the Tygotan Empire had been falling apart, without a center of power, Tyyrian Space empires and Natogytt Interest groups rebelled and for a time were independent, the TEC controlled only a few dozen worlds with their power base on Korrelekon.

By 5555 BCE the TEC was officially restored to i's former glory, but the TEC Nedisorpos believed they were behind and that other space empres from outside of the Tyyrian sector may take advantage of them, so the government began a series of expeditions to find new worlds to control and factions that they could deal with.

Even before the official restoration date of the TEC, the Nedisorpos ordered expeditions to the Sapphirian Sector and setup their first extra-sectorial colony on "Tygotan II" (Then known as Vladistokatal)  eight more were colonized over the next couple of decades.

Prelude to War

In 5540 the TEC demanded the USC to hand over sovereignty to the Empire and submit their harsh colonial laws. The alliance of nine colonies, Tygotan 2 , Stratis , Shrine, Sedona, Borelus , Aranso, Castele, Halacava and Kanderarch were supported by their trading partners the Psion Imperium, the Aeronian and Metallian States and a seperate Natogytt Colony on Capricon and took arms against the incoming TEC fleets, the TEC allied with the Carsannians, Pokelateriates and the Hassan Protectorate and declared war on the Sapphirian Alliance.

Civil War


This Nine Colonies known as the "Sapphirian Alliance" as well as (United Sapphirian Colonies) was formed to counter the TEC and it's great fleets, however the USC was allied with the resident factions of the Psion Imperium and two of the three Star Relicant factions as well as an indpendent Natogytt colony of Capricon. Within weeks of the rebuffs against the TEC demands for resource and sovereignty, the USC was attacked on Tygotan II by TEC Fleet: Si Simpordo wherin 35% of it's population was killed off, the USC attempted to defend it, but the planet was lost to the TEC's allies the Hassan Protectorate. A( Kharakhac, force)

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