First Sector War (SA2)
Main Info
Date September 1, 2504 - March 7, 2507
Place The Delta Quadrant
Result USR Recaptures lost planets, Marcadian Forces return to rebuild Capricon, Boreluzian Federation replaces USR as Dominant Natogytt Force in the Sapphirian Sector.

Visorollo Kasen with the help of Gyrar Taikor successfully enacts a coup against AVS which is replaced by the Kasenyar Imperium, Viserak excursions into Sapphirian sector cease

Spline and his supporters slay Sentien, Spline places his puppet Razurus as Swarm King

UTSEA Forces conquer the Kandlia and place Draliska in control of the entire species in the Sapphirian sector

Major Battles Battle of Arcadia Station

Battle of New Antieta

Assault on Northsphere

First Siege on Sentien's Crown

Battle of Outpost X-12

Force 1 Advanced United Sapphirian Republics

BF Boreluzian Federation

AbbadosiRep Abbadosi Republic

Hylogan Hylogan Directorate

Kflag Kanderarch Self Defense Forces

Capri2 Marcadian Kingdom

Sukhoi Sukhoi Confederacy

REC Sniverian Protectorate

Stratisian1 Stratisian Shirian Republic _____________________________________________

Force 2 (non allied)

AVS Adairin Viserak Systems 2504-2506

KasenyarFlag Kasenyar Imperium 2506-2506 _____________________________________________

Force 3 (non allied)

SplineBrood Spearpoint Horde

GKS Great Kandlian Swarm _____________________________________________


Skytech SkyTech

Technocracy Mayana Republic _____________________________________________

Leader 1 Advanced Kal Nedis: Leo Taigo
Leader 2 AVS Premaris: Alek'Sugof

KasenyarFlag Emperor: Visorollo Kasen

Leader 3 SplineBrood Courier: Spline

GKS King: Sentien ?-2506

GKS King: Razurus 2506-2507

Leader 4 UTSEA Kaiser: Matt Tygore
Army 1 -
Army 2 -
Army 3 -
Army 4 -
Deaths 1 Billions
Deaths 2 70 Million
Deaths 3 Billions
Deaths 4 79,000
Previous Adairin Civil War

Stratisian Civil War

Williamsburg Crisis

Invasion of Myst

Next The Disorder

Spitter Taigo's War

Kandlian Bush Wars

The Great Uprising

Second Sector war

History Edit

Prelude Edit

Viserak Invasion Edit

Battle of Arcadia Station Edit

Fall of Capricon Edit

Battles on Sukhoi Edit

Invasion of Qina Edit

Natogytt Retaliation Edit

Battle of Su City Edit

The Night Raid Edit

Liberation of Capricon Edit

Kandlian Invasion of Capricon Edit

Unlikely Allies and Foes Edit

Battle of New Antieta Edit

The Disorder Edit

Return to Adairis Edit

Siege of Insector VI Edit

The Achilles Heel Edit

Acts of Vengeace Edit

Kasen's Coup Edit

Kandlian Conflicts Edit

Chased by Terrans Edit

Harkoff's Return Edit

Spline and Kasil Kedra Edit

The Usurpers Edit

Testing the Waters Edit

Terran Conquest Edit

Rescue of Spitter Taigo Edit

The Star Beacons Edit

Downing of the Sky Tiger 3 Edit

Consequences Edit

UTSEA-Kasenyar War Edit

Terran Invasion of Borelecava Edit

Agent of King and Kaiser Edit

Battle of Outpost X-12 Edit


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