First Viserak Civil War
Battle of Godofai
Main Info
Date December 18th 2492-2502
Place Viserak Guarded Worlds
Result AVS victory, Death of Rakp Visa and the Invasion of the Sapphirian Sector
Major Battles Battle of Copatia

Battle over Acai

Battle of Godofai

Battle of Chrysalvio

Assault on Hydron

Force 1 AVS Adairin Viserak Systems
Force 2 Rakp Visa's Confederacy
Force 3 -
Force 4 -
Leader 1 AVSPremaris: Arctus Sugof (Assassinated)

AVS Premaris: Alexis Sugof

Leader 2 Rakp Premaris: Rakp Visa
Leader 3 -
Leader 4 -
Army 1 Various Fleets
Army 2 Visa's Elite Guard
Army 3 -
Army 4 -
Deaths 1 Moderate
Deaths 2 Moderate
Deaths 3 -
Deaths 4 -
Previous Viserak-Silverstone War
Next Sector Wars
The Viserak Civil War was the first Major civil conflict for the Viserak since their reformation.


Rakp Visa one of only 10 War veterans from a minor conflict had used the financial crisis of '92 to secede from AVS many others followed him, AVS struck back and due to their long peace AVS lost the first few battles lacking a competent leader also had a hand in their losses.

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Rakp Visa's Compound

The War

Due to Arctus Sugof's oppressive regime, Rakp Visa secretly sent a team to assassinate him, AVS fell under the control of two Leaders, Rakp Visa and Alexis Sugof, within a year, Visa was driven out and labeled a terrorist.

For weeks it seemed like the only planet that wasn't attacked was Borales as the war had dragged dozens of planets to both sides. It wasn't until April of 2500 when a Large detachment of Fleet Carriers attacked the Capitol city of Copatia  Gerard Tygore's unit (492nd Legion) was nearly obliterated in the ensuing battle, however Tygore and 27 of his troops managed to escape from the onslaught into the nearby town of Scirone where he and is unit were evacuated from the planet. Later it seemed as if Visa's Confederacy was going to win the war, however a new threat was going to rear it's ugly head.

By August of 2494 the War was beginning to turn in favor of AVS (with the election of Alexis Sugof as Premier after Arctus's assassination) but the war was far from over the planet Hydron was still a hotbed of anti-AVS activity this had to be stopped. Sugof ordered a Blitzkrieg style attack on the entire planet the units of 427th, 128th, 412th, 982nd, 102nd, 492nd, 501st and 259th units invaded planet Hydron in August 27th 2500 this invasion was called the Assualt of Hydron during one of the battles Gerard Tygore gained fame by single handedly shooting down 48 enemy Fighters at the battle of Lyndon.

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The Battle over Gearned

The Next month a breakthrough, the Adairin Sectorial Intelligence Agency (A.S.I.A) located Rakp Visa's compound on planet Gearned (Girr-unnd) a massive assualt force attacked base fighting visa's elite guard . the assualt force finally had the compound in sight and bombed it. Unfortunately Visa Escaped in his Nototai Personal fighter and left the planet, Although the operation was deemed a failure the War was near an end with visa's elite guard destroyed, most of his Fleet Carriers downed and his army slaughtered.

On December 27th 2501 the Last major battle in the Civil War had begun on planet Polaris Gerard Tygore was assigned to the HyperCarrier "Avaria" at the battle over the planet Tygore destroyed 4 Enemy Fleet Carriers, on the third day of battle Gerard landed on the planet in the city of Corsical the last remnants of Rakp Visa's army surrendered on the 5th day of battle. The next month The war was officially over.