Vital statistics
Type Terrestrial
Climate Earthlike
Sector Solarian
Faction Fulsoff Republic
System Fulosoph (Position 3)
Natives none
Discovered unknown
Discoverer unknown
Existent yes
Faction History {{{Faction History}}}
 Fulsoff is a Viserak controlled world in Solarian sector it is protected by both the UTSEA and AVS .

in 2501 the Zarnian Empire and Fulsoff Republic were at odds because of a massive trade dispute, the Zarnians were stealing Fulsoff goods sent from the Vramese Empire, soon the Zarnians invaded the planet to pacify them.

However within months the Zarnians pulled back, as the UTSEA Expeditionary fleet eradicated the stragglers along with Hydrus Tygo assassinating the Zarnian Emperor.

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