Fuuji Norais
Born September 27, 2453 (Myrier)
Died April 11, 2505
Race Viserak
Gender Male
Hair -
Eyes (none mutation)
Faction MyrierFlag Myrier
Occupation AVSM 2465-2505
Faction History MyrierFlag Myirer 2453-2461

AVS AVS 2461-2505

 Fuuji Norais was an AVS Beam Captain during the 25th and 26th centuries, unlike most Viserak he was born Psionic and with that he was also born completely without eyes in a a rare mutation, despite this he was one of the highest ranking Beam Captains in the history of the AVS Military.

Early HistoryEdit

Fuuji Norais was born on Myrier with a rare mutation in which he was born without eyes or even the skeletal structure that would accomdate them, he however was born with Psionic abilities but rarely used them in combat, instead using them to enhance his strategic ability. Before coming into contact with the Natogytts Norais was nearly undefeatable on the battlefield and fought against both the Silverstone Colonial Milita and the Rakp Visa Confederacy defeating them in numerous battles, he fought against the Kandlia as well with smiliar success.

Sector WarsEdit

Fuuji Norais along with Alexis Sugof , Doran Nazuth and Raark Spherianus were visited by an "unknown " disguised agent that tipped them off to resources and technologies that they could steal by defeating the Natogytts of the Sapphirian Sector, Fuuji was the one who drew up the plans for which planets they would invade first and was the one who used the Natogytt's Star Beacons against them on Capricon and Sukhoi .

The Invasion and the Failure to Conquer the Psion TerritoriesEdit

Fuuji Norais and Henegan Ardenne joined forces to strike multiple Natogytt and Psion targets in the middle of the invasion they both laid siege to Kalrein for weeks until they were defeated by Shadana Mara 's Fleet. Ardenne and Norais broke their alliance and after a brief scuffle retreated and went through the Star Beacon on Capricon back to the Boralissian Staging area where they departed from eachtoher's company. Fuuji Norais contacted Papalus: Yesile Noringenjay  (his close friend on Adairis ) of a Terran artifact he stole on Kanderarch they intended to study it and reverse engineer this potential weapon.


Fuuji Norais contacted Ardenne to try to renew his alliance with him and told him of the artifact as he did with Yesile. Norais however accidently activated the Frost Core whilst trying to study it, the result frequency dump killed him in minutes and everyone else aboard his Vector Cruiser the "Fuujita" he and the ship was found by Henegan Ardenne and later Yesile Noringenjay who both covered up the incident but were arrested soon after. Norais' body was ceremonially burned as Viserak Josminian culture tends to do at Azul City.

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