2508 CE / 8060 SST / 515 KST / 4512 JE Edit


  • Mutanyrea Mutanyrea is officially founded after the Mutani people eradicate all Kandlia on planet Mutan
  • VEmpire Josminian Enclave militants detonate bombs around the city of Azul, Gyrar Taikor's old family home is destroyed
  • VEmpire Josminian Enclave militants defeat KasenyarFlag2 Kasenyar Imperium forces at the battle of Diyar in Kuruhisya province
  •  An AbbadosiRep Abbadosi Republic Monitor Cruiser is accidently shot down by the USR during a training exercise over Qina
  • Tahita Tahita and Antigua Protectorate Antigua Protectorate sign a peace treaty ending the Neo Caribbean War in the Pavonis sector after 45 years of conflict (2463-2508)


  • Urruneko rebels attack the capitol of the Tiberius Tiberius State killing 115
  • RepublicofTorqbow Torqboe launches it's first interstellar starship and the Tenblam species is recognized as a space faring race
  • HKDynasty Harkoff's Horde (known as the Harkoff Dynasty) attacks the UTSEA UTSEA Base on Borelecava losing 1/3 of his horde and failing to remove the UTSEA UTSEA's position.
  • Advanced The USR's economic standing falls by 3% severely hurting Leo Taigo's re-election efforts
  • HydronF Hydronii Supreme Commander, Hilrandago III is seriously wounded in a terrorist attack by VEmpire Josminian Enclave militants who seek to convert the Hydronii population.
  • DemitrosF Demitros suspends trade with the KasenyarFlag2 Kasenyar Imperium due to their inability to effectively control the Josminian Terrorists
  • Ayoli Ayoli Formerly declares independence from the Advanced  USR
  • Elections begin in SoviusRep Sovius after the assassination of Sovius Nationalist Party leader Semir Saveli
  • UTSEA UTSEA authorities stop the elections on SoviusRep Sovius and institute martial law after thousands of protestors turn violent
  • Advanced Kal Nedis: Leo Taigo formerly announces his resignation as Kal Nedis, his seat as Shirian Party representative is taken by D'arco Danyem, Taigo's son Spitter Taigo is outraged and urges his father to return to control
  • The Flag9 Williamsburg riots turn into civil chaos and millions march into the streets and attack both UTSEA  UTSEA and Williamsburg authorities


  • Advanced Scytherian Party candidate Van Tego wins the Prologue elections in the USR and contends with D'arco Danyem of the Shirian Party, Manakein Zalda of the Kyrealian Party and Josutu Arcasi of the Shrinen Party
  • Riots occur across Viserak space due to the incompetence of the KasenyarFlag2 Kasenyar Imperium 
  • 5200 Azulian civilians are killed in the Siege of Azul, the KasenyarFlag2 Kasenyar Imperium manages to hold the city after the toughest fighting the city has seen since Visorollo Kasen's coup in 2506
  • BF Boreluzian Federation and Hylogan Hylogan Directorate moves ships to the Tyyrian-Sapphirian border zone in response to TEC Tygotan Empire conquest of the XiaKia Xia Kia in the Tyyrian Sector
  • The population of Capri2 Capricon reaches 1 Billion officially ending the Marcadian refugee crisis 


  • the star Peswentor goes supernova and destroys planet Han Su killing the remaining Suuntan Suuntan race that once ruled the Sapphirian sector before the time of the Arc'Belaren hundreds of thousand's of years ago, the entire species goes extinct
  • The Suuntan Suuntan Organization is no more
  • Capri2 Marcadia Capricon's Parliament votes to fully eliminate the Feudal system and replace the King role with Kal Nedis.
  • True Tactile force-feedback Holograms are invented in the UTSEA UTSEA
  • Axis Axis of Freedom agents attempt to assassinate Kaiser: Matt Tygore during a military parade in the district of Oklahoma
  • Skytech SkyTech sets the Terran record for most Capitol ship class produced in a single month with 255 new Harbinger II Cruisers built

May: Edit

  • 1,333,000 are killed in an accidental nuclear explosion in KyleriaFKyleria
  • Rigel Bolliazo takes office as Kal Nedis of the BF Boreluzian Federation, replacing Yan Bloarcha
  • Armed clashes begin in Arcturan1 Arcturan as multiple factions seek closer relations with other Natogytt states 
  • Isolationist Terrorists bomb 63 sites simultaneously inHyperianHyperius
  • Jabronus Jabronus is discovered by the UTSEA UTSEA and is the first time since the Arc'Belaren era that a contact has been established with the Alpha Quadrant
  • LeagueofFreeTerranStates the League of Free States is founded by Kasil Kedra in the Sapphirian sector and quickly aligns itself with the BF Boreluzian Federation
  • Advanced USR under the temporary authority of the Shrine Defense Force cedes control of planet Kandaris to the Sukhoi Sukhoi Confederacy for 750 Trillion Rarchs as well as continued faliures to control the Kandarissian population
  • Kflag Kanderarch claims planet Straticava as it's own
  • BoralesFlag Borales is officially recognized as a sovereign nation by the UTSEA UTSEA following the 2507 Control turnover
  • REC Sniveria finishes destroying it's Nitro-Nuclear stockpiles by sending the last shipment into Sniveria's star: He-Dran


  • The UTSEA UTSEA, Advanced USR, and BF Boreluzian Federation Embassies on Hyperius is bombed by Isolationist Terrorists
  • Project Central Position is enacted by Kaiser: Matt Tygore of the UTSEA UTSEA
  • TerranFlag2 Makraine votes against joining the UTSEA UTSEA
  • An earthquake kills 75,010 including the first Kal Nedis of Capri2 Marcadia Capricon, Jusuma Kalrein on Capricon
  • Various Emeraldii sector leaders begin discussions at the Emeraldii Economic Union. The discussions are mostly about the KasenyarFlag2 Kasenyar Imperium
  • Richard Parley steps down as president of the Skywing SkyWing Covenant (2502-2508) 
  • Alek Sugof forms the EliteGuardSuskabyet Coalition and engages in raids against the KasenyarFlag2 Kasenyar Imperium and the VEmpire Josminian Enclave


  • UTSEA UTSEA Ambassador Joselle Koriema is rescued from Hyperian Isolations by UTSEA Joel Tygore and his special ops team
  • VEmpire Josminian Suicide bomber detonates a stolen Frost core (from the First Sector War) and destroys 15% of the city of Azul on Adairis.
  • UTSEA UTSEA Admiral: Jay Grant is acquitted of any wrong doing following the Tate's incident of 2507
  • Sliven Kliven the former leader of Omicron Omicron Squadron is found alive on planet Yungolia after he was believed dead since 2495. Advanced USR authorities place him under arrest for treason and desertion
  • Kal Nedis Lidel Grei survives a no confidence vote by only 7 votes in his favor regarding the Isolationist crisis in HyperianHyperius
  • Sa An Wen becomes Emperor of the HaEmpire Ha Empire following the death of Ha Kai Wen XXIV
  • Lidel Grei's daughter Tima Grei and 246 others are killed in an Isolationist bomb attack in Spah city, Lidel Grei vows revenge
  • TheHyperianHyperian planetary militia appeals to the BF  Boreluzians for help and begin cracking down on isolationist sentiment and activities
  • 257 more civilians are killed in HyperianSpah city after an Isolationist reprisal
  • Hyperian Kal Nedis: Lidel Grei suspends his plea to the Boreluzians and begins operation Kallenheim a ruthless last ditch effort to crack down on Isolationists


  • Amgiseri Amigseri King: Juntulu is killed in a coup de'tat by the Katokesia rebel group and replaced by Kal Nedis: Alarak Kala
  • A massive Desert Kraigon pack attack kills 280 Natogytts on Advanced Shrine
  • OyaOya Conclave Papalus: Aruk Ai splits the Conclave in two after refusing to waste resources on an invasion of the Solarian Sector, the opening shots of the Oya Civil War begins
  • TerranFlag1 Aridias declares independence from the UTSEA
  • UTSEA UTSEA forces arrest the leadership of rebelling TerranFlag1 Aridias and unexpectedly arrest Axis Axis of Freedom leader Noemi Cerda
  • Axis Noemi Cerda is allegedly tortured for information on other rebel locations
  • The BF Boreluzian Federation launches an invasion of HyperianHyperius and places all Hyperian government and miltiary forces under Boreluzian Authority
  • The Great Sapphirian Tournament begins


  • UTSEA UTSEA recognizes the Hy1 Federative Republic of Hylan BF Boreluzian breakaway state
  • BoralesFlag Boralissian Government forces arrest 72 members of the KasenyarFlag2 Kasenyar Imperium
  • Kflag Kal Nedis: Sark Taigo is nearly killed in an attack by the Brunin4 Natogytt Vandegil on planet Arcturan1  Arcturan
  • Klorus Klorus and Aranso Aranso Kal Nedis' begin talks of unifying and reforming the Aran-Klor Empire
  • BoralesFlag Boralissian Premaris: Nugoray'Estato resigns after pressure from KasenyarFlag2Premaris:Visorollo Kasen, UTSEAKaiser: Matt Tygore deploys 4000 UTSEA personell to Borales to blunt Kasen's influence
  • Mosist temples are destroyed by the VEmpire Josminian Enclave and in response the Mosists form a seperatist sectarian government the MonocanRep Mosista Liberators
  • SedonaFlag Sedona and RoS2  Tropycantha secede from the Advanced USR 
  • KrovanKrovan Protectorate scouts enter the the Corundian sector and setup the colony of Vraxy Vraxy
  • Lore Lorian civilians are injured and 47 are killed in bomb attacks by the Josminian Enclave on planet Lorre
  • TEC TEC Forces colonize 4 planets in the Corundian sector and forges a peace treaty with Vraxy Vraxy
  • UTSEA UTSEA successfully recreates an Arc Wave Reactor, the same technology that powers Star Beacons
  • Union The Western Space Company loses billions of credits in a failed expedition to the Pavonis sector


  • Union  Director: Birgir Trueman signs a deal with the UTSEA UTSEA to cede all assets in the Amethys Sector to the UTSEA
  • UTSEA UTSEA colonizes the Corundian sector by creating the Colony of Bandoni Bandoni 
  • AntarctosCoalition Treyarcta is acquired by Skytech SkyTech without the Kaiser's Authority
  • Meteoroid CTS 2508 crashes into UTSEA  Earth and destroys a small home in the District of India, the Meteor contains the rare element "Rigellian" 
  • SAVS Krawdorvatch is founded by Kyriar Morov 
  •  Mal Axton is elected Kal Nedis of Capriland Sovo Partisa 
  • UTSEA UTSEA secretly begins construction of the Centerpoint Station's superstructure in the Corundian Sector
  • BF Boreluzian Federation sends colonists to the Corundian Sector
  • Skywing SkyWing Covenant economy rises due to new economic laws
  • Klorus Klorus and Aranso Aranso merge to form the AranKlor Neo AranKlor empire


  • Van Tego is elected as the 2nd Kal Nedis of the Advanced USR 
  • Moritz Maas is elected the 17th President of German Bavarios despite talks of rejoining the UTSEA UTSEA
  • The UTSEA UTSEA Harbinger Tiaxala sinks into the South Ocean after mechanical trouble (27 are killed)


2509 CE / 8061 SST / 516 KST / 4513 JEEdit


  • HolyViserakArmy1 Gyrar Taikor's Forces settle on Hyron IV and forge a truce with the Hylogan Hylogan Directorate
  • Del New Del  Centauri Tau Republic and  German Bavarios are reintegrated into the UTSEA UTSEA
  • VEmpire Josminian Enclave militants capture the capitol city of Adairis, Azul.
  • KasenyarFlag2 Premaris: Visorollo Kasen moves the capitol of the Kasenyar Imperium from Azul to Rojana
  • Advanced Kal Nedis: Van Tego's USR Forces launch an invasion of InfernoxFlag Infernox.
  • BF The Boreluzian Federation stops all trade with the  Advanced United Sapphirian Republic over the USR invasion of the Emeraldii sector
  • KasenyarFlag2 Imperium forces pull out of Acai which falls to the Rakp Neo Visan Confederation
  • Advanced USR declares a ceasfire in the Sapphirian-Infernox War, InfernoxFlag Infernox rejects the ceasfire and calls upon the Kasenyar Imperium for aid.
  • Both Advanced USR and InfernoxFlag Infernox air and star forces continue to clash for weeks
  • SoviusRep Free Sovus Army leader: Khariton Matveev is captured by UTSEA police on planet Eto-Sorellia
  • Khariton Matveev is sentenced to death by the Quarter Council of the UTSEA UTSEA
  • Tau Al Hukm Republic's economy collapses and it's President enacts a state of emergency

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