General Infantry
B-C-Y-M Light Armor
Materials {{{Materials}}}
Rigellian Ore {{{Rigellian Ore}}}
Supply 1
Production Center Enlistment Camp
Time Short
Requirements -
Race Natogytt
Hypertype Biological, Psionic
Weapon Hessian Rifle (4)
Secondary Weapon -
Hit Points 50
Armor Type Light
Armor 0
Shields 25
Attack Type Normal
Attack Type2 -
Size Small
Cargo size 1
Speed Normal
Atk Speed Fast
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Special Abilities
Ability 1 -
Ability 2 -
Ability 3 -
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Latest Sighting {{{Latest Sighting}}}
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Natogytt standard Infantry, protected by "Boreluzian-Composite-Yalsteel-Max Armor" and armed with the 2479 "Hessian Rifle"

The infantry replaced the Kesser Infantry from the Great Sapphirian war, despite having different armor and armament througout the century the General Infantry remained mostly the same.

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