Gerard Tygore's Forces
New Crest
Founded November 9th 2504
Defunct -
Race Viserak
Denonym Tygore
Population 39,500
Leader Gerard Tygore
Secondary lead Danyule Klighton (formerly)

Roen Maardin

Head of State Beam Captain
Currency Visarbles
Official Language Northspherian
Formed from Gerard Tygore's 412th Fleet
Strength Gerard Tygore's 412th Fleet
Founding Document -
Preceded By AVSFleet9 AVS Fleet 412
Alliance New Sapphirian Alliance

United Captain's League

Location Emeraldii and Sapphirian Sectors
Capitol Avaria ii (Gerard Tygore's Capitol ship)
Now Part of {{{Now Part of}}}

Gerard Tygore's Forces are a small rebel force created after Alexis Sugof placed the entire Invasion force under arrest.


The GTF led the various fugitves off of Adairis and to Insector VI , after the Insector VI campaign Gerard Tygore attacked planet Kalrein but was defeated, his forces fled to Borelecava where a task force of Adairin Acclamator's led by Daniel Klighton and Visorollo Kasen defeated the GTF.

The GTF returned to Borelecava months later allied with other NSA forces though again they were defeated, this time by Harkoff and Razurus's Swarms.

The GTF continued to lose battles for years on, Borelecava (a third time) Aridias and other worlds until they returned home to Adairis to fight Loreko , where he was defeated, though Loreko accidently sent Gerard and Maardin to stundorra, believing he had killed them.

The population started off at around 1250 at the beginning, near the Insector VI campaign it was 5000 but after Harkoff's death it dropped to 2000, when Tygore was reinstated it was at around 25,000, but after he broke Josminian code a second time (realizing his revenge was pointless as Harkoff was lost) the population dropped to 400.

With Gerard's Return the GTF has surged in it's population.

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