Great Kandlian Swarm
Arcto Kandlios' Family Crest
Founded 100,000+ BCE
Defunct 2511, Formation of the Arcmind
Race Kandlia
Denonym Kandlian
Population 477,820,000,000 (1493)
Leader Sentien
Secondary lead Spline
Head of State Swarm King
Currency -
Official Language Kandlios-Telepathy
Formed from Corrupted Kandlios and his pets
Strength Kandlian Space Swarm

Kandlian Ground Ravagers

Founding Document -
Preceded By GKS Kandlos' Beasts
Alliance -
Location Emeraldii Sector
Capitol The Great Hive, Kandlios (formerly)

Sentien's Crown, Borelecava

Now Part of {{{Now Part of}}}

The Great Kandlian Swarm, is a rampaging organization of corrupted beings their purpose is to conquer the galaxy, however they have since fallen short of that goal in recent years.

Once controlled by Sentien , they are now under the thumb of the UTSEA via their puppet ruler, "Draliska"

Harkoff still seeks to rule them.


An Arc'Belaren named: Archto Kandlios creates Bio-Engineered Sert Forces renaming them Kandlia, during the De'Tempora.

The invasions Era

The Kandlia continually invaded the Emeraldii Sector for millenia, they've had 17 Swarm Kings since their first invasion, each time they nearly accomplished their goals but were defeated by an alliance of some sort.

They tried invading the Solarian and Sapphirian Sectors as well, with even less success.