Great Kandlian Swarm (SA2)
Founded 9,000+ BCE (Estimate)
Defunct November 14, 2506
Race Kandlia
Denonym Kandlian
Population Possibly Trillions
Leader Swarm King: Sentien
Secondary lead Greater Courier: Tychondrus
Head of State Swarm King
Currency none
Official Language Various, dependent on Corrupted species, ancient Arc'Belaren language as basis for telepathic link
Formed from GKS Rebel Couriers
Strength Possibly Trillions of combat forms
Founding Document none
Preceded By ScourgeStar Scourge of the Stars
Alliance none
Location Southern Emeraldii Sector
Capitol Kandlios, Later Borelecava
Now Part of {{{Now Part of}}}

History Edit

The Scourge of the Stars Edit

Courier Rebellions Edit

Clash with the Boralissian Empire Edit

Fall of Univorpal Edit

Fall of Mutan Edit

Fall of Myst Edit

Meshaki Interference Edit

First Sector War Edit

Spline's Uprising Edit

Conquest, Kandla enslaved Edit

Univor Reconquest Edit

Mysten Insurgency Edit

Mutani Uprising Edit



Hierarchy Edit

Combat Forms Edit

Couriership Edit

Dominant Faction of Kandlios
SectorEmeraldii, Time: 9000+ BCE
Preceded by
ScourgeStar Scourge of Stars 17,000+ BCE - 9000+ BCE
Succeeded by
GKS Disorganized warring Kandlian Hordes 2506-

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