Harchempian 2586 Drug War
Harchempian Army on planet Nappah
Main Info
Date September 27, 2586 - December 21, 2600
Place Nappah
Result 42 Destroyed Cartels

6 Million tons of drugs destroyed

Major Battles Battle of Moshigua
Force 1 Coalition Forces:


UTSEA Expeditionary Fleet

Braxis Antarctica Corporation

Pereste' Yo'f Vyria

Force 2 Various Drug Cartels
Force 3 Nappah Rebels
Force 4 Infinity Swarm Renegades
Leader 1 Emparator: Jon

Commander: Jason Anderson

Director: Mick Rage


Leader 2 Various
Leader 3 Henelisso: Lio'ne
Leader 4 Courier: Throng
Army 1 Harchempian Military

UTSEA: Sovius and Federation Squadron

3 Mercenary Contracts

5 Armadas

Army 2 600 Drug Cartels
Army 3 15 Rebel Units
Army 4 2 Renegade Swarms
Deaths 1 57,009 Soldiers / 204,472 Civilians
Deaths 2 657,930 Members
Deaths 3 7582
Deaths 4 1700 Organisms
Previous Zenadier's War
Next Nappah Civil War
A long war fought by the Harchempia to end the extreme drug abuse rate on planet Nappah, the problem began to spread to other worlds forcing a coalition of Solarian factions to jointly strike the Cartels, initially success was low due to guerilla warfare, but with the UTSEA 's new anti-personal technology and flash freezing campaigns the Harchempians were able to clean up the mess mostly on their own near the end of the war.

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