Harkoff's Swarm
Founded Late 2505
Defunct Early 2510
Race Kandlian
Denonym -
Population 78 Million
Leader Patriarch Harkoff
Secondary lead Courier: Cruor
Head of State Patriarch
Currency -
Official Language Northspherian
Formed from Razor Swarm and Harkoff
Strength -
Founding Document -
Preceded By Spearpoint Spearpoint Swarm
Alliance None
Location Kandlian Homeworld
Capitol Harkoff Citadel
Now Part of {{{Now Part of}}}

Harkoff's Swarm was a new Kandlian swarm formed around 2505 after the rebirth of Rav Harkoff.


Swarm King: Sentien , noticed the rare Psionic power and anger that had been within the fallen Rav Harkoff, he ressurected him and trained him into becoming a Courier within weeks he was ready to lead his own swarm. Harkoff was left in charge of the leaderless Urubek Swarm, whose Courier had been killed by Natogytt forces on Capricon. Harkoff led the swarm with pride and skill. However behind the scenes Harkoff had a unique psionic ability that allowed him to hide some of his inner thoughts from the Swarm's mind link. Harkoff's ambitions rivaled that of Sentien himself, this would come to a head during the Courier Rebellion.

Courier Rebellion

The Courier's led by Tychondrus led a rebellion against Sentien and the loyalist swarms. Tychondrus led the swarm to Sholalusz under the guise of a standard invasion, instead the world was chosen not only for it's heavy storms which disrupt long range psionic links, but also because of an incredible power source, the Sholaluzian Star Cores. The Star cores held the collective Consciousness of the 9 Billion Natogytts that lived their, such a convinient Psionic mass would greatly enhance the capabilities of any Psionic individual. Harkoff opted to lead the attack on the Natogytts who were fighting against Noemi Cerda's Forces in the Shalote Region.

The Kandlia broke through enemy lines, Harkoff himself destroyed the Star Cores and absorbed their power, however this alerted every Natogytt on that world forcing all parties to withdraw.


Harkoff's Swarm took part in the Clash at Frontier, though he was again forced to retreat to his base on Antarctos, eventually the Terrans of Antarctosphere hunting for the lost Frost Cores routed Harkoff's Swarm there as well. During the Trans-Temporal conflict, Harkoff, Alexis Sugof and StratosTygo recognized the danger of Spitter Taigo 's Time travelling the three comined their forces but stalemated Spitter Taigo's Forces, the alliance collapsed soon after, sometime after the UTSEA victory of te Sector wars, Harkoff learned of the Jewel of Borales which was a power Frost Core like device initially used as a power source for Star Beacons , he fought the Viserak and Terran mercs on an abandoned Sharinigan Space Station. Harkoff would later fight Loreko's forces on Adairis, Courier Baranellos would end up getting killed in the process.

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