Hilkrest Era
Tech Age: Iron Age, Number of Countries by end: 607
Beginning 1 H.E
End 56 H.E
Dominant Faction CerdaRev Hilkrest Gryyn
Era Ender Battle of Merydia
Invention Crossbow
Naindy's Era
First Merydian Era

Background Edit

The era began with the coronation of Hilkrest Lacereon This era was one of the shortest in history only 56 years passed before it was over.

The Hilkrest Grynn Empire had expanded twice the size of it's original borders when it was the Lacereon Kingdom, the Hilkrest empire would attempt to conquer the desert lands of Kal Kalif but over 20 years of failures they were unable to do so. Eventually the Empire was totally defeated at the Battle of Merydia by the Order of Harsord and the Deneez Kingdom which both merged into the United Kingdom of Merydia.

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