Hilkrest Lacereon
Hilkrest Lacereon after his coronation in 1 H.E (Hilkrest Era)
Born September 27, 193 Naindy Era (N.E)
Died September 26, 47 H.E
Race Natogytt
Gender Enderkal
Hair Black
Eyes Black
Faction CerdaRev Hilkrest Gryyn
Occupation Emperor
Faction History Alphaflag Lacereon 193 N.E - 2 H.E

CerdaRev Hilkrest Gryyn 2 - 47 H.E

Background Edit

Naindy Era Edit

Hilkrest was born in the wealthy Lacereon Clan of the Lacereon nation, he was rivaled by Ayur Sinsun as a possible choice for Emperor of the Lacereon nation, over the next 20 years he would build his credibility by fighting in wars and making deals with other kingdoms until 215 N.E when assassins from the Blukar state killed Ayur Sinsun, and allowing Hilkrest to stand unchallenged.

Hilkrest Era Edit

Hilkrest Lacereon would crown himself Emperor of Lacereon gaining the ire of many political opponents, he was nearly assassinated a day later.

Lacereon would redefine the era and would go onto change 216 N.E to 1 Hilkrest Era beginning a new age for his new nation of expansion specifically into the desert region of Kal Kalif

Death Edit

Hilkrest Lacereon would be infected with Kandlian corruption disease during an expedition to the Deserts of Kal Kalif, he would die a week later only to be replaced by his son Oake Lacereon

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