Joel Tygore
Born 2188 (Artificial reproduction)
Died -
Race Terran
Gender Male
Hair Dark brown
Eyes Brown
Occupation UTSEA: Imperial Squadron, Special Agent
Faction History UTSEA UTSEA 2188-present

Hydrus Tygo, is a UTSEA special Operations:  Field Agent, his services revolve around tacitcal warfare, assassinations and  counter-insurgency tactics, he was responsible for the deaths of Rakp Visa, Basaran Kiev, Adaxi Pushov and many others.

The SkyWing CovenantEdit

He assassinated many of the original SkyWing leaders, destroying their fledgeling empire.

Century of AssassinationEdit

Hydrus Tygo ended two wars, by killing Basaran Kiev and later helping Gerard Tygore kill Rakp visa , he was in charge of aprehending Adaxi Pushov , after a massive fire fight, he sniped him and tossed his body in the Boreluzian ocean.

After his father's defeat during the Second Strife Hydrus went into hiding, he later joined the Terrato forces of East Antarctica, he systematically assassinated the rival leaders and with the return of his Father in 2523 they unified the UTSEA.

He would go on to kill Vanessa Cerda and the Dark passenger Monarch later on.