Hylogan Directorate
Founded 492 BCE

1997 Current incarnation

Defunct Still active
Race Natogytt
Denonym Hylogan
Population 44,000,000,000
Leader Kal Nedis: Uriz Sektim
Secondary lead Nedisorp: Luzna Mara
Head of State Kal Nedis
Currency Enchalos
Official Language Shirian, Boreluzian
Formed from Hylog Republic
Strength 7 Armadas
Founding Document Peytar of Sisko
Preceded By Hylogan0 Hylogan Directorate (Kantanas's regime)
Alliance Old Sapphirian Alliance
Location Sapphirian Sector
Capitol Hylog, Hylon and Hylar
Now Part of {{{Now Part of}}}

The Hylogan Republic was a military dictatorship formed from Boreluzian Rebels during the Boreluzian Civil War of 500 BCE, it had since become the Hylogan Directorate following their victory in the Hylog wars.

Modern EraEdit

The Hylogan Directorate allied with the Sniverian Royal empire during the Shrine wars to counter the Boreluzians whom allied with the Shrine Republic, the two sides mostly fought eachother for the two decades until Kenenaes Hartaes's sacrifice, the hostilities ended and relations between the Hylogans and Boreluzians became warmer.

During the Terran invasion of Borelus in 2499 the Hylogans sent their Mkhedruli Squadron to assist leading it to destroying a a Terran Harbinger.

The Hylogans have since made a trade pact with the Krovan Protectorate as par the Solarian-Sapphirian Friendship pact of 2510.

Hyron InsurgencyEdit

After the Viserak left Hyron IV the impact they left on the Natogytt populace led them to support them instead and began a pro-viserak Natogytt insurgency against the Hylogans they are currently wrapped up in the conflict and haven't the resources to join other conflicts.