Founded November 11, 1262 Hyperius Council

May 26, 2497 White Tail Party

Defunct -
Race Natogytt
Denonym Hyperian
Population 2,419,062,000
Leader Kal Nedis: Spitter Grei
Secondary lead Nedisorp: Stari Daigo
Head of State Kal Nedis
Currency Rarchs
Official Language Shirian
Formed from TSR/USSK Border Colony World
Strength 50 Squadrons
Founding Document White Tail signing Event
Preceded By Hyperius Confederate Council of Hyperius
Alliance Old Sapphirian Alliance
Location Central Sapphirian Sector
Capitol Breiyent, Hyperius
Now Part of {{{Now Part of}}}

Hyperius is a Natogytt Faction near the Boreluzian Federation, though it's culture is more akin to Kandarisians or Shrinen.


Hyperius was a world owned by the Psion Imperium and was once used as a Planetary listening post to spy on Star Relicant activities nearby.


After the fall of the Psion Imperium the world was not used until 2486 BCE when the Great Natogytt Empire colonized it for it's valuable resources.

Kandaris ControlEdit

After the Kandaris Horde destroyed the G.N.E Hyperius came under the control of the Kandarisians and remained that way for centuries adopting a strange hybrid culture of Shrinen and Kandarisian customs, though the Boreluzian Empire conquered it in 1107 and held it until 1200 the culture remained the same.

TSR ConquestEdit

During the Shrine-Kandaris war of 1260-1262 Hyperius was Captured by the TSR and all Kandarissian military forces on and around the planet were destroyed at the Battle of Holsum's Pass, Kandaris and the TSR finally signed in Armistice with the TSR allowing the Culturally distant Hyperians to form their own government which they did in 1262 by Albrenz Zitachi.

25th Century Civil WarEdit

At the 2496 election Lidel Grei was elected Kal Nedis 51% to 49% by the Shrinen Party, however the Akaekandaries party with support from the Confederate Council kicked Grei out of office sparking riots and protests all over the Hyperian controlled sector, and when the council was bombed by pro-Lidel forces the Hyperian Civil War began.

Several Council officials defected to the Pro-Lidel forces of the Gelded Ethrhydor (Gold Star) and allied with Boreluzian Agents such as Rigel Arcasi and others return to the planet to engage Confederate forces there, after over two months of fighting the Gelded Ethrhydor is victorious at the battle of Erth Qin Fortress, Grei, Arcasi and others assassinated Kal Nedis: Zidi Yaziti forcing the Confederate Council to surrender.

A New LegacyEdit

After the war Lidel Grei formed the Sholek Elatt (White Tail) Party which consited of Shrinen, Kandarisian and Boreluzian members for a multinational coalitionate.Lidel Grei goes on to discover new worlds and assists his new colonies throughout the next decade until he retires in 2512.

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