Hyron IV
Hyron IV
Vital statistics
Type Terrestrial
Climate Super Earth
Sector Sapphirian
Faction Hylogan Directorate
System Hyron (Position 14)
Natives none
Discovered At least 5500+ BCE
Discoverer unknown
Existent Yes
Faction History SConfederacy Shirier Shrinen's Confederacy 5512-4604 BCE

Aeronia Aeronia 4604-4599 BCE

TECRAINBOW Nebag D'rol Nation 4599-4588 BCE

Shirier2 Empire of Shrine 4588-4200 BCE

Bynarub Bynarub 4200-3672 BCE

BF Boreluzian Empire 3672-36 BCE

Hylogan0 Hylogan Directorate 671-677 CE

Karri Karri Uveron Karri Karri Uveron 703-1947

RoS2 Third Shrine Republic 1947-2208

UTSEA UTSEA Imperial Holdings 2208-2208

Hy2 Hyron IV 2208-2213

BZE Religtaris 2213-2217

Hylogan Hylogan Directorate 2217-?

Hyron IV is a Planet in the Sapphirian sector owned by the Hylogan Directorate. The planet was sold to the UTSEA by the Boreluzians in 2503, the UTSEA later resold it to the Hylogan Directorate for several million tons of ores and metals exclusive to Hylon


Battle at Hyron IV

Gerard Tygore had landed here after planet hopping througout the Hyron System after being defeated on Borelecava one year prior. his forces managed to damage a joint UTSEA-Hylogan garrison, his forces then escaped to  a space platform known as the "Sky Point" Station, it was there that they rescued Noemi Cerda's forces who had been trying to find Gerard.

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