Imperial Director
Appearance 2517
Extinction -
Type Advanced Psionic Kandlian Caste
Planet Kandlios
Form of communication Telepathy, Vocal mimicry
Primary Senses Psionics, touch, Sound, minor sight
Factions Draliskan Empire
Representative Vatteroth



An Imperial Director is a Kandlian organism that was designed by Draliska to control the Kandlian Swarms.


Since the First Sector War it became clear that the Warrior Courier caste was now obsolete, they had attempted to take control of the Kandlian Swarm away from Swarm King: Sentien , but with the infighting of Tychondrus , Harkoff and Razurus the Swarm was nearly destroyed on Earth , Frontier and Borelecava . Once the UTSEA and Draliskan Swarm arrived on Borelecava, the Swarm was conquered and many of the Couriers were killed off. 

Kandlian Civil War IEdit

Once Patriarch Harkoff and the Axis of Freedom freed the swarm in 2509 the Kandlia led by Harkoff, Sentien and Draliska fought amongst eachother as the Terrans attempted to keep control of Borelecava, while this was going on Draliska had an Epiphany, that the Courier caste was completely untrustworthy and self indulgent, but he was unable to act on his new ideas as months later the TEC invaded the Sapphirian Sector and forced all parties to unite in an attempt to stop them.

Courier GenocideEdit


The Courier Genocide

After the short life of the Arcmind I, Draliska had tricked his allies into trusting him and then betraying them all, inadvertently corrupting Vanessa Cerda, severely scarring Adrriek Sark and chasing Cruor into fugitive status. Tygotan was left abandoned once more and Draliska returned to his species homeworld of Kandlios to enact the final act of his plan, the genocide of the Couriers. as the Couriers were preoccupied with fighting themselves to see who will control the Swarm Draliska slowly wiped them out one by one until, only a few scattered dozen were left among the stars. Draliska began breeding the Imperial Directors, a group of Kandlia that were capable of controlling the Swarms with ease at the Homeworld, the Directors replaced the Couriers and became the vanguard of the new Draliskan Empire.

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