Infinity Swarm
Founded 1/1/2511 (Kandlios)
Defunct -
Race Kandlia
Denonym Kandlian
Population 21,924,000,000
Leader Arcmind
Secondary lead Cruor
Head of State Arcmind
Currency -
Official Language Kandlian Telepathy
Formed from Draliskan, Harkoff, Razor, Baranellos, Brune, Cruor and Mazariti's swarms
Strength -
Founding Document -
Preceded By GKS Sceptor Swarm

HKswarm Harkoff Swarm

Dragon Swarm Dragon Swarm

Lanceswarm Lance Swarm

Sabreswarm Sabre Swarm

Alliance -
Location Tygotan
Capitol Scytheria, Tygotan
Now Part of {{{Now Part of}}}

The Infinity Swarm, is a more advanced and  more numerous incarnation of the GKS , now led by the courier-fused "Arcmind " they have taken over Tygotan and made it their home base.

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