Invasion of Mutan

(Part of the Kandlian Invasion of 2453)

Battle of Kayezengkon
Vital statistics
Participants Great Kandlian Swarm

Adairin Viserak Systems

Mutani Planetary Defense

Date 8/25/2453-9/21/2453
Location Kayezengkon City, and other regions
Result Destructon of all Mutani Cities, no survivors
 The Kandlia invaded the planet completely unnexpectedly leading to the demise of the Mutani people.

The InvasionEdit

Without warning the Kandlia invaded the planet of Mutan , within a month all forces had been destroyed and the civilians killed or assimilated. Not a single Mutani Civilian survived.


The Mutani invasion initiated the second largest anti-Kandlian retaliatory attack in history, which led to the Kandlian's loss of Omnipolus, Univorpal and Zearust.

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