Invasion of Stratis
Arcasi's Strike team near Souskan City and the USR Embassy
Main Info
Date 12/9/2503 - 12/10/2503
Place Souskan Region (Stratis)
Result USR Victory, Comm relays destroyed.
Major Battles Battle at Comm Relay I
Force 1 USR: Epsilon Squadron
Force 2 Stratisian Liberation Front
Force 3 -
Force 4 -
Leader 1 Kal: Rigel Arcasi
Leader 2 Commander: Strata Koluva
Leader 3 -
Leader 4 -
Army 1 -
Army 2 -
Army 3 -
Army 4 -
Deaths 1 Minor
Deaths 2 Minor
Deaths 3 -
Deaths 4 -
Previous Horat Siege
Next Stratipoluka Siege

Battle of Stratis

Because of the Increasing terrorist activity against USR embassies on Stratis, USR High command sends a task force led by Rigel Arcasi to cut off the major insurrectionist's communications and intelligence. The SLF realized that they were under threat and attacked a USR embassy in the northeast in Souskan, however Rigel Arcasi and Spitter Lacereon VI pushed them back and retake the area, the SLF retreats as the USR forces give chase.

At the battle of Comm Relay I the USR destroyed the Comm relays and forced the SLF to rout from Souskan.

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