James Rico Hernandez
Hernandez ^ in the Center
Born September 26, 2456 Russel City, Europa (Jupiter's Moon)
Died October 11, 2496, Antieta, Kanderarch
Race Terran
Gender Male
Hair Black
Eyes Orange-Brown
Faction UnionCrestBlack UTSEA: Green/Black Squadrons
Occupation Admiral of the 17th Green/Black Squadrons
Faction History UTSEA UTSEA 2456-2496

UnionCrestStar UTSEA: Lartannis Batallion 2478-2491

UnionCrestGreen UTSEA: Green Squadron 2491-2496

James Rico Hernandez was an officer of the UTSEA and served loyally until the Kanderarch Incident , he and his Lieutenant Noemi Cerda rebelled against the UTSEA after the flash freeze, the SkyTiger II and the Dominion fired on the Earth's Fury killing 102 crew members outright, the ship lost it's Gravitic Drive and crashed upon Kanderarch's surface 1702 more crew members were killed including Hernandez himself being crushed by a bulkhead of the ship.

30 years later in 2526 Hernandez was memorialized at the Admiralcy in Antarctica.

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