Jason Maurice Grant (Jay Grant)
Born December 25, 2450, Braxis, Antarctica (Earth)
Died December 1, 2518, Cher Beta
Race Terran
Gender Male
Hair Blonde
Eyes Brown
Occupation Admiral
Faction History UnionCrest UTSEA: Fleet of the Kaiser 2499-2518

Jay Grant was a privledged son of the incredibly rich Grant Estate, he bought his way into the Fleet of Matt Tygore at age 49 to  try his hand at commanding militaries he overspent the UTSEA's military funds on his own personal expendiatures and was part of a large network of corrupt officers by 2517 only 9 of the 355 Highest ranking officers were not part of his "cartel".

At the Battle of Cher Beta in 2518 he expected to crush Vanessa Cerda and Van Tego 's forces easily, but he made mistakes and eventually was on the losing end, he appealed to his master, Kaiser: Matt Tygore for reinforcements, Matt Tygore's ship warped back to Earth leaving Grant to die. Grant's Cartel of corruption fell apart completely and many more of his associates were killed off.

Grant's Children Ferrick and Arnold Grant tried to avenge him by attempting to bomb the SkyTiger IV, Joel Tygore captures them before they could and brings them to Matt Tygore where they are tortured and their memories are wiped. they are later seen in the UTSEA Scouting Corps

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