Josminian Empire
Founded March 17, 2102
Defunct November 11, 2384
Race Viserak
Denonym Josminian
Population 43 Billion (as of 2320)
Leader Emparava: Nazul Premaris (Founder, 2102-2183)

Emparava: Visial Tantenal (Last 2380-2384)

Secondary lead Josminian Enclave
Head of State Emparava
Currency Corsid Stones
Official Language Northspherian
Formed from 146 Nations
Strength Emerald Armada
Founding Document Founding of the Empire
Preceded By Northsphere Nortspherian Empire
Alliance -
Location Emeraldii Sector
Capitol Northsphere Adairis
Now Part of Northsphere Josminian Enclave

KasenyarFlag Kasenyar Imperium


History Edit

The 4th Adairion War Edit

Space Faring Race, Myrier Colonization Edit

War of the Ubergrobe Edit

War of the Taiphlai Edit

Union with the Lorians Edit

Conquest of Kuparia Edit

Skirmish with the Demitrosone Edit

The Wubbellian War Edit

First Fall of Adairis Edit

Adairin Reclamation Edit

The Wubbelian Incident Edit

The Reformer, Jenozenon Hemsway Edit

The War of Church and State Edit

Treaty of Polares Edit

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