Kal: Rigel Arcasi
Born 2446, Bolliolucci, Borelus
Died Rigel Arcasi is still alive
Race Natogytt
Gender Male
Hair Dark Brown
Eyes Green
Faction Black Wing Squadron
Occupation Kal of Black Wing Squadron
Faction History BF Boreluzian Federation 2446-2468

Epsilon1 SR-Epsilon Squadron 2468-2505

BlackWing Black Wing Squadron 2505-?

19th New Sapphirian Alliance 2506-2506

Rigel Arcasi is a Natogytt "Kal" (Very high rank)  formerly of USR  he broke off and formed his own faction.

Shrine WarsEdit

Founder of Black Wing Squadron
Rigel Arcasi in the outskirts of Old Antieta following the Kanderarch incident
Highest Position
Office Kal of Epsilon Squadron
Preceded by Leo Taigo
Succeeded by Spitter Lacereon VI
Assumed office January 28, 2468
Left office December 13, 2504
Second Highest Position
Office2 Commissar of Black Wing Squadron
Preceded by2 none
Succeeded by2 Lucius Opop
Assumed office2 January 1, 2505
Left office2 June 4, 2517
Third Highest Position
Office3 Kommandant of BF Utuli Squadron
Preceded by3 Kannes Varein
Succeeded by3 Tashan Valankue
Assumed office3 March 19, 2464
Left office3 January 28, 2468
Personal Details
Nation BF Boreluzian Federation
Political Party Kflag Boliate-Shirian
Spouse Shadana Mara (Corlione) 2508-2511
Children Shadanar Arcasi (b.2510)
Parents Mussolenus Arcasi (Scylotyte)

Tatarichi Assai (Corlione)

Residence Shirer's Blade (Monitor Cruiser)
Professions Commissar



Religion none, Atheist

in the 2460's Rigel Arcasi made a name for himself after fighting against the Sniverian and even the Beta Squadron Rebels. During the Basaran Kiev War , his lieutenant Arcto Archon defected to Basaran's forces this pissed him off greatly.

When Arcto served his time for defection and was allowed to return to the USR he was belittled endlessly by Arcasi.

Sector WarsEdit

Rigel and Arcto Archon were part of the defense of Sukhoi and eventually the defenses of Capricon and Kanderarch . Rigel Arcasi disgruntled with the rebels, the Viserak and now the Kandlian -Terran conflict he left USR and formed his own allied force called Black Wing Squadron .

He led his forces to battle against Harkoff on Borelecava along with new found allies Noemi Cerda and his old enemy Gerard Tygore in an enemy mine to stop Harkoff (they failed) Later on he would again ally with them during the temporal Arc of the UTSEA Campaign although once again they failed.

Finally upon the creation of the multi national Axis of Freedom he and Blackwing Squadron joined and became a permenant member, despite this during the second alliance on Borelecava he was not present.