"Son of the reformer, I, Spitter Taigo will bring lasting peace to Natogyttia and the Greater Kalreini"

-Spitter Taigo

Kal: Spitter Taigo
Born 2493, Horat Town, Shrine
Died 2615, Karsanthenlusz, Sholacava (Time Traveler)

Still alive (Current incarnation)

Race Natogytt
Gender Male
Hair Black
Eyes green
Faction Order Psion Order
Occupation Psion Praetorian
Faction History Advanced United Sapphirian Republics 2493-2517

Epsilon1 USR Epsilon Squadron 2511-2512

Order Psion Order 2512-2616

White White Squadron 2517-2519

Advanced United Sapphirian Republics 2519-

5th Kal Nedis of USR
The Flag of the 101st Trainees of the SKN
Highest Position
Office2 Kal Nedis of USR
Preceded by2 Van Tego
Succeeded by2 Garnand Lacereon
Assumed office2 January 20, 2519
Left office2 August 7, 2529
Second Highest Position
Office3 27th Horat-Shrinen Psion Arbitrator
Preceded by3 Zeo Horelus
Succeeded by3 Banar Adun
Assumed office3 December 21, 2512
Left office3 April 29, 2516
Third Highest Position
Office SKN Operative Chi-Delta 963
Preceded by Spitter Yrianein
Succeeded by Lancer Seygar
Assumed office March 17, 2509
Left office March 11, 2511
Personal Details
Nation Advanced United Sapphirian Republics
Political Party Shirian Party Shirian
Spouse Nanzi Gonzalus
Children Spiker Taigo b. 2524

Lidel Taigo b. 2524

Kasem Boryon b. 2524

Essel Forpales b. 2524

Leo Taigo II b. 2532

Jadison Taigo II b. 2532

Parents Leo Taigo (Scylotyte)

Caiyan Lezuli (Corlione)

Yuni Taigo (Uncle) (Enderkal)

Residence Shrine World Capitol Tower, Shrineopolis Shrine (Official)

Horat Town, Shrine (Private)

Professions Kal Nedis

Psion Arbitrator

SKN Operative

PMFT Champion

President of PMTT

Religion None, Atheist

Spitter Taigo is a Natogytt Psion Praetorian son of Kal Nedis: Leo Taigo , he helped the allies during the Time Travel arc (which he failed) and he also helped the Allied forces during the "Homeland Crisis "

Early Life


Horat City, 4 miles East of Horat Town, Spitter Taigo's birthplace

Son of the Reformer Spitter Taigo was taken care of by his uncle Yuni Taigo for political reasons and was relatively unknown to the public until the Carsannian Terrorist Activity  of 2500

Carssanian Terrorist Activity

The Carsannian Terrorist known as "Alpha Cyclonas" and his Terrorist faction "Car Ska Duri'n" attempted to bomb the City of Horat for the 2496 USR Troop landing near the Star Relicant "Holy" site Accel (Where the Arc-Beleren were defeated by them)  on planet Carsa. Alpha Cyclonas' plan was ruined by Spitter Taigo who just happened to stroll passed the Terrorist hideout en route to the PMFT Tournament, Taigo informed the Horat Peace Keeping force and Cyclonas was arrested. 

The Terrorist Returns

in 2505 USR,SKN, SAU and Chairo Durblum learned of Car Ska Duri'n and their disgruntled former 5 star general of the Star Relic empire: Alpha Cyclonas but in 2507 when Cyclonas and his ilk bomb the Statue of Shie Kaludar (Shirier's Confederate hero of the 5200'sBC) and 2508 when he attacked the capitol of Horat City, as well as In 2509 when  He attempts to hijack a New Tygotan Airliner  was foiled when one of his fellow insurgents was killed Spitter Taigo When Durblum learned of this he called out ot his fellow Sapphirians to do the same as Taigo.

A year later Leo Taigo, Spitter Taigo and Durblum were aboard the Shrine Station orbital for it's tenth aniversary, Cyclonas attempted to take over the space station but was captured by spitter who chased him for over an hour, Cyclonas was arested and put in prison for 124 years (he served 1 and escaped)

The First Sector War


Capricon Star Beacon Activation

Spitter Taigo was called upon by Gerard Tygore and Noemi Cerda to assist them, Taigo refused and was later called upon by Kaiser Matt Tygore  to use this potential alliance to his advantage, Taigo abliged and fed information to the two rebels in order to convince them that he was on the level, thoug hthe Kaiser was a bit annoyed with Spitter for revealing a bit too much to them, even so, the two rebels wholeheartedly believed Spitter was on their side.

During the Second Invasion of Borales the Terran rebels attacked the SkyTiger III while Gerard left for Capricon to secure an alliance, Spitter Taigo and Matt Tygore unvieled their scheme and decimated the rebel forces, nearly knocking out Cerda for the rest of the war only being saved by her own quick thinking. Spitter Taigo's information was crucial in defeating the Allied forces on Capricon and securing the second to last Star Beacon.

Homeland Crisis

Spitter Taigo and Kaiser StratosTygo had forged a friendship during the year after the Sector wars, they and their forces arrived to Adairis to take out Loreko at Krussia Province. They were successful, after the conflict Spitter Taigo returned to Kalrein to imprison the Chaos Praetorians.

The Last Attack

08 ShrineStation

Shrine Station Orbital, shortly after completion in 2500

in 2550 the Second Shrine Station was comandeered by the Terrorists. A month afterward (january of 2551) a massive battle to retake the station begins after cyclonas uses the superlaser to kill 8 million horat city civilians, during this time Chairo Durblum was old and dying but helped Spitter Taigo exact revenge by dueling cyclone and impaling him with a Viser Blade, Spitter Taigo then chased a weakened Cyclonas onto the surface of Shrine where Cyclonas murdered Taigo's Friends, Verde and San Bairsin, Strai Taigo  as well as Bentli Wulv, Spitter in a climatic battle eventually disarmed (literally) and brutally killed Cyclonas ending his reign of terror once and for all.

Escape from Shrine


The Escape From Shrine

After the Allied forces were defeated upon their return to the Sapphirian sector During the Oya Invasion.. Spitter Taigo and his remaining forces returned to Shrine as Matt Tygore retreated to Kandlios . Spitter Taigo upon returning to Shrine found destruction and chaos all across the world fighting through occupying Oya forces, Taigo and his forces stumbled upon the Shrinen Star Beacon , Taigo remembered that with the right frequency, he could alter the beacon to teleport Natogytts to Borelus , after rescuing millions of Shrinen civilians they made the trek to the star beacon (fighting Oya forces along the way) the massive group of Shrinen people arrived on Borelus, However Oya forces were entering Borelus as well, though he damned himself for what he had to do, Spitter Taigo and Blune Bairsen destroyed the Star beacon, while it prevented Oya forces from entering Borelus, it left many millions stranded on Shrine.