Kal: Wertias Opop
Born July 6th, 2390 Marcadia, Capricon
Died November 19th 2504
Race Natogytt
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Eyes Maroon
Faction Advanced United Sapphirian Republics
Occupation Kal

Factory worker 2399-2406

Faction History Republic Fourth Shrine Republic 2400-2492

Advanced United Sapphirian Republics 2492-2505

Heinlein BF/SR: Heinlein Squadron 2406-2436

Epsilon1 SR: Epsilon Squadron 2436-2466

Gamma SR: Gamma Squadron 2466-2492

Gamma USR: Gamma Squadron 2504-2504

Wertias Opop, is a Natogytt officer from USR: Gamma Squadron, he fought in the Tech wars, the Shrine Wars, Basaran Kiev war and the first year of the Sector wars, before his death in late 2504..

Early LifeEdit

24th Century Opop was born in the late 24th century during the era of post war reconstruction, his first job was at the Vicas factories in Marcadia, Capricon. working for 25 credits a day, he and his family were in poverty, Then the TEC war scare of December 2399 put the USSK's forces on the Sapphirian border, lifting the economic and military stranglehold on the SR

Heinlein SquadronEdit

in 2406 the Shrine Republic military began to grow in size, the interplanetary draft began, Wertias Opop signed up and was enlisted to Heinlein squadron.

The Sector WarsEdit

The Hero of Chaos, WertiasEdit

A hero from the Shrine Wars , Wertias Opop had retired after the wars end, the amount of battles he won outnumbered his losses 10-1. With the sudden assault by the Viserak, Opop returned to service and joined Rigel Arcasi , Arcto Archon and Spitter Lacereon VI at Sukhoi. Wertias Opop used his tactics from fighting Sniverian armies in this battle.

The Natogytts on Sukhoi however lacked knowledge of the Viserak or their weapons and tactics, Wertias Opop had been studying the fall of Capricon for two days, his tactics allowed the USR to defeat the Viserak fleet for the first time, he then informed the other USR Squadrons on how to defeat the Viserak.

he was killed by the Kandlia in the Corelecon State Hospital by Razar and Razurus, Razar then revived him to split the USR in two, he failed however.

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