Kal Director
Natogytt Kal Director
Materials 250 Materials
Rigellian Ore 400 Ores N
Supply 5 Advanced
Production Center Molecular Transmitter
Time 140
Requirements Kal Directory
Race Natogytt Advanced
Hypertype Mechanical, Psionic, Air
Weapon Honed Photonic Blast
Secondary Weapon -
Hit Points 175
Armor Type Rigellian
Armor 0
Shields 300
Attack Type Photonic
Attack Type2 -
Size Large
Cargo size -
Speed 5
Atk Speed 1 Psec
Icon Natogytt Kal Director Icon Gold
Special Abilities
Ability 1 Shield Absorber
Ability 2 Random Rift Field
Ability 3 Mind Control
First Sighting 2509
Latest Sighting 2519
Inventor Advanced USR Kalshir Technologies
Crew 1 Pilot, 7 Crew members
Type Primary ship of Commissars and Arbitrators
Propulsion Dual Sapphir-Ionic engines
Role Fleet Command Ship and support Flyer
Representative Arbitrator: Satista De'Latonus

The Kal Director is a Natogytt warship designed by the United Sapphirian Republics in 2509 replacing Psionic Desolators that were used for a similiar purpose, they are used both in Ground support and Space Fleet Support, Ground Kal Directors are piloted by Arbitrators while Space forces are piloted by Commissars.

Kal Directors were adopted by every Natogytt faction beginning in 2510, even the TEC remnant stole some during their expedition to the Sapphirian Sector, one of their main Arbitrators, Satista De'Latonus uses one to support her forces during the many attempts to reclaim Tygotan.

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