Vital statistics
Type Terrestrial Planet
Climate Stormy, Forests and Jungles
Sector Sapphirian
Faction USR 55??BCE-2512

USR-Kanderarch 2512

System Kanderheim
Natives None
Discovered 5542 BCE
Discoverer Roro Ska Kangk
Existent Yes
Faction History TECTEC 5540 BCE 5539 BCE

USCUSC 5539 BCE - 5525 BCE

SConfederacyShirier Shrinen's Confederacy 5525 BCE - 4601 BCE

USC Kanderarch 4601 BCE - 1100

BF Boreluzian Empire 1100-1451

RoS2Third Shrine Republic 1451-1519

BF Boreluzian Empire 1519-1520

RoS2 Third Shrine Republic 1520-1546

BF Boreluzian Empire 1546-1679

Kandy Antietan Empire 1679-1899

Capri2 Marcadian Empire 1899-1901

CapriMark MacCrava Capricon 1901-2001

Hylogan0 Hylogan Directorate 2001-2201

BF Boreluzian Federation 2201-2457

Republic Fourth Shrine Republic 2457-2492

Advanced United Sapphirian Republics 2492-2512

Kflag Kanderarch 2512-

Kanderarch is a Temperate world in the core of the Sapphirian Sector.


It was discovered by Roro Ska Kangk in the 5400's BCE and settled a few years later.

Sector Wars


The aftermath of the Kanderarch Incident

Prior to the Sector wars Kanderarch had been involved in nearly every Major war in the Sapphirian Sector since the 5300's BCE, it was where the Shrine Wars began, and ended. It was once Basaran Kiev's Capitol, and in 2496 it's capitol city of (Old) Antieta was destroyed by the Frostcore-StarBeacon used by the UTSEA to kill Explorers who had "seen too much"

Kanderarch Incident

The Four Natogytt explorers who survived the attack on Sangerrika fled to the USR Consolate on their homeworld of Kanderarch, at the City of Antieta. Two USR Officers in liason with the Kanderach local government, Sergo Thalsn and Kayin Hardte where present at the consolate as well having made friends with UTSEA: Special Agent: Noemi Cerda a few years previously.  However, Within only a few minutes UTSEA ships arrived in low orbit of the planet, the commander "James Rico Hernandez" and his lieutenant Noemi Cerda were in the Harbinger Battleship, "Earth's Fury" within a few minutes the Kaiser gave the order, A previously built Star Beacon was activated on Kanderarch, and a Frost core was dropped, when it reached terminal velocity it too was activated..

The eventual chaos that ensued destroyed the city and killed ALL of it's inhabitants. James Hernandez and Noemi Cerda, realizing what they had done furiously contacted the Kaiser, who responded with his SkyTiger II's cannons.   The planet was again invaded by the Viserak (and repelled) and again by the Kandlia and even the UTSEA in 2505-6.