Pictured: Razurus

Razurus, representative of the Kandlia
Appearance 130,314 BCE
Extinction This species still lives
Type Parasitic Organism
Planet Original planet, Unknown.

Home Planet: Kandlia

Form of communication Depends on the organism that the parasite inhabits
Primary Senses Depends on the organism that the parasite inhabits

+Telepathy and death sensations

Factions Great Kandlian Swarm, Harkoff's Swarm, The Dark Passengers, Draliska's Swarm, Tychondrus Swarm
Representative Patriarch Harkoff

The Kandlia/Kandlians are a conglomeration of species corrupted by the Kandlios Parasite invented by Arcto Kandlios  thousands of years ago, they're goal is to propagate their species and subjugate all others, the only Swarm that does not do this, is the bio-re-ingineered Draliskan Swarm.



Kandlian Invasion of Earth

They were originally a parasitic organism used by the Sert species as a mere venomous projectile, the Arc'Belaren managed to manipulate these into a more devastating creature, they were eventually used to destroy the Sert, and eventually their masters, the other two engineered races,the Star Relicants and the Ty'Ger pushed them all the way to planet Darthur, which was renamed Kandlios. 

Sector Wars


Harkoff's Attack on the Terran Base during the Battle of Borelecava in 2507

The Kandlia invaded the Sapphirian Sector, were kicked out and invaded again a year later, after the Terrans destroyed their homeworld the attacked Antarchtos, Frontier and even Earth, however they were defeated at Earth and lost 1/4th of the Swarm on Frontier, when they returned to Borelecava, the Terrans tracked tham and with a newly discovered frequency of the frost-cores helped accidently by Sentien's own senses being tracked, the Kandlia were captured and owned by the Terrans.

Harkoff is the last of the Original Kandlians.

Technology & Tactics

They are the physically weakest force, they don't use technology of any sort they rely on a mix of natural strength and Psionic powers along with deadly chemicals as well, they breed and corrupt rapidly and can overwhelm their enemies with numbers, they are also good at espionage by being able to possess dead bodies to be reused to trick their enemies.