Cloudy atmosphere
Vital statistics
Type Terrestrial
Climate Earthlike
Sector Emeraldii
Faction Abandoned aside from a few feral swarms
System Arc'Light (Position 5)
Natives Kandlios Anisoptero (Corrupted into the Dralisks)
Discovered -
Discoverer Arc'Belaren
Existent yes
Faction History OrangeTribeTylaren Tribes 131,???-130,359 BCE

ArcbelarenFlag Arc'Belaren Fleet 130,359-130,314 BCE

OldSwarm Arcto Kandlios' Beastmaster Forces 130,314 BCE -130,??? BCE

GKS Great Kandlian Swarm 130,??? - 2507

UTSEAUTSEA 2507-2511

Infinity Infinity Swarm 2511-2517

Draliskan Draliskan Empire 2517-?

Kandlios is the homeworld of the Kandlia it is also where they were designed by the Arc'Belaren . The planet was known as "Darthur" (Ty'Ger word for "Cloudy") in Psion Imperial records.


Ancient HistoryEdit

The native species was corrupted by the Early Kandlian swarm, prior to this these "Tylaren" tribes (named by the Psion Imperium for barbarian) had previously been deemed unworthy of Psion Imperium uplifting efforts due to their hyper-aggressive nature and brutal revenge complex, many Ty'Ger explorers had been killed before the decree was made.

Kandlian Exodus Edit

The Kandlia led by Arcto Kandlios fled to this planet after having been defeated by the Star Relicants used by the Psion Imperium, but before the Kandlia were decimated, they caught a lucky break, the Star Relicants just like the Kandlia rebelled from their masters and stopped pursuing the now seemingly harmless Kandlia.

Modern HistoryEdit

The Kandlian Swarm largely departed from Kandlios to invade the Sapphirian Sector, the UTSEA arrived years later and flash froze the planet killing most of the swarms there, since then the planet has thawed and the Kandlia have returned at least by 2510 however there are still feral swarms there.

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