FeralKandlia Kandlios
Vital statistics
Type Terrestrial, 4 moons (unamed)
Climate Shrouded in dense fog, primarily composed of steamy jungles and near constant rain, no oceans, millions of lakes
Sector Emeraldii
Faction FeralKandlia The Guardian Horde
System Arc'rudarii, Position 5 of 23
Natives Anisopteros, Tylareans
Discovered 130,240 BCE
Discoverer Arcto Kandlios
Existent Yes
Faction History OrangeTribe Tylarean Tribes 490,000 - ? BCE

ViserakStar Arc'Belaren Dominion ?-130,240 BCE

OldSwarm Arcto Kandlios Beastmaster Units 130,240 - 130,020 BCE

GKS Great Kandlian Swarm 130,020 BCE - 2507 CE

FeralKandlia The Guardian Horde 2507-?

Kandlios is the surrogate homeworld of the Kandlia, their real birthplace as Sert is unknown, the planet is slightly smaller than Earth but most of it's surface is covered in land and on it jungles interspersed with millions of lakes across the planet

History Edit

The Ancient Tylarean Tribes Edit

Arc'Belaren Hubris Edit

Arcto Kandlios Edit

Great Kandlian Swarm Edit

The Fall Edit

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