The Kasenyar Imperium is a new Viserak Empire centered around Adairis born from the Ashes of the Adairin Viserak Systems, it is led by its namesake: Imperator Visorollo Kasen.

Kasenyar Imperium
Founded August 25, 2506
Defunct -
Race Viserak
Denonym Kasenyaro
Population 69 Billion+
Leader Imperator: Visorollo Kasen
Secondary lead High Administrator: Raark Spherianus
Head of State Imperator
Currency Microcrests
Official Language Northspherian
Formed from Acclamators Adairin Acclamators

SAVS Anti-Sugoff Movement

Strength The Silver Armada
Founding Document Treaty of Northsphere
Preceded By AVS Adairin Viserak Systems
Alliance -
Location Emeraldii Sector
Capitol Northsphere, Adairis
Now Part of KasenyarFlag Kasenyar Imperium

History Edit

Kasen's Coup Edit

Visorollo Kasen and Gyrar Taikor as well as thousands of supporters successfully engaged in a coup against the government and took down Alek Sugoff and the 148 year reign of the Adairin Viserak Systems.

The New Imperium Edit

Kasen deployed forces to engage and destroy the Kandlia throughout space to drum up popular support for his regime, however his efforts fell short especially in the Sapphirian sector.

Many of his initial forces were destroyed by Spline and Razurus at the Second battle of Regency Observation Station over Borelecava.

Conflicts with the Terrans Edit

The Terrans had declared war on Visorollo Kasen's regime once word spread of Kasen's capture of Spitter Taigo (killer of Rav Harkoff), Kasen unprepared for this was defeated on Borales and Adairis, his pet Kandlia used to consolidate his regime were destroyed and the killer of his friend Harkoff was liberated.

Humiliated Kasen mobilized as many forces as he could and hearing the new of the downing of the Sky Tiger III at the hands of Noemi Cerda, he quickly prepared the fleets for a counter attack and sent one of his scouting fleets to the Solarian sector where they were defeated over Frontier.

However Terran intelligence warned the Kasier of this fleet over Adairis and the Terran forces arrived soon after, this time bringing their own Kandlia led by their greatest asset, Draliska, the combined forces easily defeated Kasen's armada of "Viserak Hub Ships" losing every last on these irreplaceable vessels.

After some tough negotiations and threats of continued assault Kasen was forced to swallow his pride and surrender to the Terran Kaiser ending the conflicts between the UTSEA and the Kasenyar Imperium.

Conquest of Myrier Edit

New Rebellions Edit

Fall of Adairis, the Enclave Returns Edit

Dominant Faction on Adairis
Sector: Emeraldii, Time: 2506-2509
Preceded by
AVS Adairin Viserak Systems 2358-2506
Succeeded by
Northsphere Josminian Enclave 2509-?

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